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A letter to my son

Dear Ezz, I am writing these humble words to you only you. I would like to assure you that words sometimes can’t reveal what people hide. I completely understand that human relations sometimes face ambiguity and complexity. I try occasionally to put on a gloomy mask in order to show all that I am not satisfied with what I experience. Human nature looks like a maze and full of complexity as a result of many factors.       My dear and precious son I am proud that I have a son like you. I shall compare you a summer’s day because you are benevolent, active, super, perseverance, and bright. I am pretty sure that your kindness proves to all that you’re a master of the masters.       “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust       My lovely son I need you always to be wise and study your actions before  executing them. Patience is needed and you can achieve everything you need. I want you to le
A moment of committing a suicide Saw you depressed, sighed, and tired To die, to kill, to commit a suicide No wonder, you are my best I saw my best trying I saw my dearest crying I saw my nearest dying Don’t do it dear Don’t fear me dear Don’t be far dear I hardly speak I hardly care Once I realized thee You are leaving me You are deserting me I stopped, froze and had a stroke I got paralyzed I felt I couldn’t move a muscle To help or die before you My soul is mingling, whispering the shouting Dear  kill me not Dear  leave me not Living in desperate I, you, me, you, they, we I call upon you I lost all the power I became pale I couldn’t picture your Last scene, your last view Your last moment Your last fade smile Your last joy Your last tenderness Your, joy, kindness, and pureness To end my meaningful poem I say This is a bitter story A bitter novel A bitter fiction Could be false but truly true That i