Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For teachers to try

Have you ever faced the following situations in the class while teaching? What do you do? • You finish the lesson and you still have 10 or 15 minutes left. • You face a question that you can’t answer. • You made a mistake explaining a point in a lesson • A student who keeps asking hard questions. • Something went wrong in your lesson plan. • Fail in explaining a grammar point. • Fail in making students understand a point in your lesson.

Some Questions for Teachers

Questions for teachers: 1. What is the most difficult thing in teaching? 2. How do you deal with it? 3. What makes you give up while teaching? 4. What makes a perfect teacher? 5. How would you describe a teacher? 6. How would you describe a learner? 7. What makes you feel great while teaching? 8. How much time do you spend preparing for a lesson? 9. How much time do you spend talking in the class? 10. How do you deal with bored students? 11. Describe the best and most successful lesson you have ever taught? 12. Did you try to use competitions in your class? Could you talk about it? 13. How much time do you spend presenting your lesson? Why? 14. Do you like teaching through fun? Could you give an example? 15. Who is your best teacher? Why? By Abdulsalam Al-Mukradi